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The Blitz Light

The Blitz

All the features you need for the hunt, including a better battery life. It’s been said, “If you can’t find a coon with this light, it’s probably not there.”

  • Green & red lasers
  • Brighter walk light
  • Natural tint main beam
  • Brighter colors (red, amber, and green)
  • Aluminum head & battery box
  • Better burn time: 3.5 hrs on high, 1 week on low
  • Weighs only 23 oz.
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Revelation Hunting Caplight

"NEW" Redesigned Big Dog REVELATION Caplight

Using the latest technology we have designed the without sacrificing performance.

  • The most lite-weight light on the market
  • Only 16 oz. including the hat
  • Super bright Spot
  • White and Red Walk Lights
  • Green Laser
  • 3.5 hr Burntime on High
  • 18 hrs on Walklight
  • Durable All Aluminum Head and Battery Box
  • Assembled in Ohio
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Caplight Comparison Chart

Our Big Dog Caplights are versatile and useful in many different circumstances. Use our chart to compare features, brightness levels, battery life, and more, ensuring you find the perfect Caplight to fulfill your needs!

Comparison Chart

Coon Hunting Light Review by Clayton Stark

Best Light Ever

I’ve been using this light almost every night for months and am very impressed with its durability, battery life, and brightness. It has absolutely everything you could want in a coon light. It’s super bright, and the different colored settings really show coon eyes well. If you can’t find a coon with this light, it’s probably not there.

 by Clayton Stark on 24th Nov 2021