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 ***The GENESIS CAPLIGHT from Big Dog Lights!***


We are very proud to release our latest light, the GENESIS!!! Big Dog Lights last light was The Alpha Elite. It has been successful for the last 5+ years for it's quality of build, brightness, and lightweight. The Alpha Elite had a great following and was highly recommended by all of our customers.

At a glance, the new GENESIS looks like every other Big Dog Light. At a closer look you can see great quality and attention to detail. Due to some great engineering, the GENESIS is the lightest and brightest light on the market. Weighing in at a mere 17.6 ounces. It is not only .5 ounces lighter than our previous model. It is also ounces lighter than our competitors. We didn't cut any corners by trying to reach this feather-lite weight.

We have also increased strength and durability by making the entire light from 100% machined aluminum.... Including the Battery Box!!!... We wanted to increase the durability and rigidity of our lights, and weren't able to achieve this with a plastic battery box. Because we have the box machined to our specs, there is no wasted space, but still offers maximum protection for the internals from impact, debris, and water resistance. The head has also been redesigned for strength and durability. With the swivel being completely captured by our bracket this offers the most rigid setup available, and is still easily removed for long cord lights or belt lights.

Brightness isn't sacrificed for the lightweight either! The GENESIS has a great spot, and is a good bit brighter than our previous model! When compared to the competition it is brighter than most or just as bright as those ounces heavier! The walk light is wider and brighter than what we have ever put on a light. The colors are brighter and better flooded also!

There are four settings for the main spot. The burn time on the main spot is 2.5-3 hours wide open, and a week on the lowest setting! The Walk Light and colors have a High and Low setting. With the Walk Light burning 18 hours on high, and the colors on high being 38 hours.

Big Dog Lights is known for it's great customer service. Which is something we strive for! The GENESIS has a 2 year warranty. Includes Big Dog Smart Wall Charger.

Product Videos

  • 5
    Genesis head lamp

    Posted by Bryan Hodges on 7th Dec 2022

    Bought for my son for Christmas. he has had a micro for several years. Time to step up.

  • 5
    Genesis light

    Posted by Mark Nethery on 6th Oct 2021

    Excellent light best design on market. Hunted 40 years best lightest plenty bright natural white light great spot. I just bought my second one could have bought any light on market actually bought a big name light and gave it away to my son-in-law This little light will spoil you

  • 5
    Genesis Cap Light

    Posted by Amazing light! on 20th Jul 2021

    This is a super lightweight cap light. It is very bright, has a great great walking light, red and amber colors with two settings for each and a great spotlight. The build quality is excellent and the spotlight is as bright as I’ll ever need. This is hands down the best light I’ve ever owned.

  • 5
    Very nice light.

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Apr 2021

    Great light. Really impressed with the small battery pack and impressive burn time.

  • 5
    Genesis Light

    Posted by Pat Murphy on 2nd Jan 2021

    The light is very bright and exactly as advertised. Their service was fantastic

  • 5
    Big Dog coonhunting light.

    Posted by Lisa on 28th Dec 2020

    I bought it as a Christmas gift for my husband. Didn't expect to get it before Christmas. Delivery was very fast and the light is great! He is very happy with it.

  • 5
    Really like this light. I is well balanced and lightweight.

    Posted by James Keys on 12th Dec 2020

    The light is well balanced, light weight, the walk light is great and the 4 settings for the spot beam is just right. This is my go to light.

  • 4
    Coon light

    Posted by Brian Hall on 6th Nov 2020

    The light is as bright as explained

  • 5

    Posted by Ryan S. on 1st Nov 2020

    This thing is well made and super bright. Many different settings for walking and shining the tree. I can throw a beam for a couple hundred yards. This this is impressive. Well done!